Bespoke Durability by Design

I am proud to be the new sole manufacturer of the Chopper Bag in its original form. The leather and canvas construction is instantly recognisable. Remember, they are hand made. Therefore each one is bespoke and can be customised to your requirements. They can also be made new, to match existing bags you have.

If you're not familiar with the product. Please read about the history on the Background page. But let me tell you a bit about why they're so special. Its a life proof luggage range made using quality leather and canvas. Details of exact sizing and pricing as well as colours and options is on the online store for each member of the range. Feel free to browse with no obligation to buy.

The bags are hand crafted and constructed using a heavy leather for the base, handles and straps. The leather is still supplied by East Coast Leather. They helped develop the leather back when Choppers were first made. Although soft and supple with a beautiful matt finish, this leather takes a hiding! Pretty much everything I can throw at it, just brushes off.

The canvas you see on the outside of the bag is 12oz waterproof canvas. Made in Australia. Those with the first generation bags will be pleased to know their bags can probably be replicated! The canvas range is still the same. There's also a new range of the 'checked' canvas made by another Australian Company. That range has more vibrant colours and looks great.

The bags are also lined with 8oz canvas. Usually in beige so you can see inside easily. This adds to the durability, strength and protection factor of the outer layer. Ensuring the bag can stay waterproof, sand proof and dust proof as well as possible.

The bags have a simple zip closure on top. Two zip pulls mean you can access easily. The ends of the zips then double back to the middle and buckle together with the handmade leather strap and stainless steel buckle. In addition, these can buckle through the handles to make the bag even stronger and resistant to stress whilst navigating the luggage holds of airplanes and buses.

Make no mistake. These bags are strong. They are literally made to last a lifetime. Whether you're a tradie, an executive, personal trainer this bag is for every walk of life. They're a common heirloom gift for significant birthdays such as 18th or 21st for a young person taking on the world ready to explore. Or any birthday for the traveller you know that needs an update with some quality luggage.

When talking about their durability, it all comes down to the quality materials. They remain functionally durable, but also look fantastic for a long time. Male or female, you'll love the look of this bag. Even after travelling to a couple of countries and a few weekends away, my bag hardly bears a mark.

Take it camping, or to a five star hotel. You will feel like you are travelling in style, because you are.

All of this is backed by excellent customer service and attention to your needs at all times. Customers are remembered and bags are made as you need. Everybody is different. So is every Chopper.