These bags have a fantastic and hard earned reputation. But don't take my word for it. Check out a bit about what has been said about them on other forums and websites and reviews. I've done all the hard work for you below.

A little review from an equestrian who was mighty impressed with the Chopper Bag on safari

Daily Updates on the Facebook Page. Customers are only too happy to share their feelings at having ordered and received their bags.

Here's some photos of a travelling Chopper from a happy new Chopper owner.

After being so delighted with the original small Chopper purchase, they extended the family to include a large Chopper, backpack and man bag! Now fully equipped, Emma tells me she feels like a Hollywood star with her matching travel set!

On a recent trip to the USA Emma told me how the Backpack went.

"The backpack is EXTREMELY comfortable! Even when running through airports 'amazing race' style or travelling on the packed NYC subway system.

Love your work should be proud!"

I know they'll travel far and wide, and enjoy doing it with all their gear kept safe in their Chopper set.